Seven Year investigation

The investigation began days after the massacre as demonstrators fled across the border to the refugee camps in neighbouring Kyrgyzstan, where we interviewed countless witnesses and their families.

During the seven years of filming, witnesses that have appeared in the film have been threatened, arrested, tortured, in one case even killed. Without their bravery the truth would never be heard.

The efforts by the regime to cover up the massacre knows no bounds. As one of the one of the Uzbek journalists in the film says, we have to keep talking about what happened, so that we never forget those that lost their lives or those who continue the fight to bring freedom of information to Uzbekistan. To this day, much of the Uzbek population do not know what has happened on their own doorstep, and those that do know, are too frightened to talk about it.

And for those in western Europe and the United States, we need to know what kind of allies our leaders are making deals with in Central Asia.


Production Credits

image Michael Andersen

Michael Andersen

On screen talent, writer and director, Michael has been the Central Asian correspondent for Denmark's Radio (Danish equivalent of the BBC), covering events in the former Soviet Union since the late '80s. He has produced numerous documentaries for Al Jazeera English.

image michael andersen
image wendy andersen

Wendy Andersen, PhD

Producer and Editor, Wendy has worked as a consultant on the Transition Countries of the Former Soviet Union since the early 90s and formerly worked as a university lecturer in Britain, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan.

image wendy andersen
image richard gillespie Richard Gillespie

Richard has 25 years experience working in broadcast television, 13 years as a lighting cameraman. His main focus of work is now as a self-shooting producer/director working with people, companies and organisations from all over the world.


image Michael Andersen
image Uffe Borgwardt Uffe Borgwardt

Award winning cameraman, and editor Uffe Borgwardt, runs an independent production company based in Denmark


image Massacre Uzekistan